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Sale miele washing machne wkh122

Miele 9kg Washing Machine with PowerWash and TwinDos WKH122

Miele Front-loading washing machine with PowerWash 2.0 and TwinDos for revolutionary Miele cleanliness


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€1,499.00 €1,549.00

Miele 8kg Washing Machine WKB120

Miele Front-loading washing machine With Softsteam honeycomb drum and CapDosing for perfect laundry care


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Miele Active Fully Integrated Dishwasher G4263 SCVI

Miele Integrated Dishwasher with “Hot water Connection”

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Miele Classic Condenser Tumble Dryer TDA140C

7kg Classic condenser tumble dryer with FragranceDos for fresh fragrance

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Sale miele kfn29233dbb blackboardmiele kfn29233dbb

MIELE XL Fridge Freezer “Blackboard Edition” KFN29233DBB

The door on the ”Blackboard edition” can be written on with school chalk is easy to clean


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€1,499.00 €1,649.00
Sale miele wda101 wash machine
€749.95 €869.00
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