Boiling Water Taps

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Get instant boiling water with our boiling water taps. No more waiting for the kettle to boil, just turn on the tap! You can make a cup of tea or coffee in seconds, quickly add hot water in your saucepan for cooking, or fill up a hot water bottle. Check out our great selection of Quooker taps, which are boiling taps and mixer taps all-in-one. You can even combine your Quooker with a Cube to get chilled sparkling water! This means it’s the only tap you’ll need in your kitchen, so you can save space and achieve a minimalist look. The 3 litre Quooker PRO3 tank fits neatly under the sink and suits most households. The taps also have that desirable round spout to add elegance to your home. Why not go for a model with a flexible hose so you have more reach when cleaning and rinsing foods, dishes, and more. The Quooker Fusion was named the best boiling water tap for 2022 by

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