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Whether you need a dehumidifier or humidifier for your home office, bedroom or kitchen, it’s important to keep the air in your home clean and healthy. They take care of moisture levels while you work or sleep. Dehumidifiers take moisture out of air, which helps to prevent mould growth. This makes them great for summer. Humidifiers add moisture to the air when it’s too dry, which makes them very useful during the winter months. The Delonghi Tasciugo Ariadry Multi Purpose Dehumidifier removes 14 litres of excess water in 24 hours. With a low noise level of 37 db, it’s perfect for bedrooms. The Dimplex Dehumidifier 20L Tank’s glide castors make it easy to move around the home. It also has a handy laundry setting, perfect for drying clothes inside. The Nedis Humidifier 5.5L will automatically control humidity with its clever hygrometer. You can also see the exact humidity levels and change the settings with its LED screen. Or if you need a purifier, check out the Shark Air Purifier 4, named the best purifier for kitchens in 2022 by Check out our marked down discounts while stocks last.

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