Dyson Accessory

Dyson Tangle Free Tool TFT

The Dyson TFT, Tangle Free Tool , the only Turbine Tool that doesn't Tangle

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Dyson Groom Tool

Mess free Grooming with the Dyson Groom Tool, compatible with most Upright & Cylinder  Dyson Vacuum Cleaners


Dyson Handheld Kit

The Dyson Hand Held Tool Attachment Kit includes a range of vital vacuum cleaner tools for all kinds of cleaning. A mini soft dusting brush for small, delicate areas, a mattress tool for keeping the bed clean, an extension tube for hard to reach areas like cobwebs on the ceiling, and a stubborn dirt brush, the Dyson Hand Held Tool Attachment Kit makes cleaning your home so much easier.


Dyson Mattress Tool

The Dyson Mattress tool removes dirt and allergens from mattresses and upholstery.


Dyson Soft Dusting Brush

The Dyson Soft dusting brush has fine nylon bristles to gently remove dust from delicate surfaces around the home. Ideal for mantelpieces, upholstery, blinds and computer keyboards.

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