Asus 13.3? Zenbook Flip Laptop UX370UA

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13.3? UX370UA Zenbook Flip

  • 13.3? FHD (1920*1080)
  • Intel Quad-Core i7 8550U Processor.
  • Royal Blue
  • 8GB Memory
  • 512GB SSD Storage
  • 802.11ac Dual-Band WiFi.
  • Bluetooth 4.1.
  • Intel C i7 CPU
  • Stylus Included
  • Fingerprint Windows Hello
  • Illuminated Keyboard
  • Webcam
  • Windows 10
  • Sleeve, Mini Dock & Stylus
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ASUS ZenBook Flip S is one of the world?s thinnest and lightest convertible laptops, designed for anywhere and everywhere. It combines elegant sophistication with the convenience and versatility of a 360?-flippable display. This ultra-thin, ultra-light convertible is a stylish laptop, a handy tablet ? or anything in between. The 8th Generation Intel? Core i7 processor lets you sail through everyday computing tasks with ease. And it supports a stylus, so it?s your perfect partner for Windows 10!

Ultra-Thin and Light
ZenBook Flip S is a timelessly elegant masterpiece, exquisitely crafted from solid aluminium. The chassis is forged from a single block of metal that?s carefully honed until it’s a mere 10.9mm thin. Weighing just 1.1kg, it?s effortlessly portable. And because it?s made from premium, aerospace-grade aluminium, it?s lighter than standard laptop alloy but 50% stronger.

Stronger By Design: Aerospace-Grade Alloy
To achieve amazing lightness without compromising structural strength, ZenBook Flip S is precision-crafted from 6013 aluminium alloy, a premium material commonly specified for automotive and aerospace applications. As well as being 50% stronger than the 6063 alloy used in many standard laptops, this material is also supremely elegant when adorned with the signature ZenBook spun-metal finish.

Unrivalled Mobility
ZenBook has always been the benchmark for thin-and-light design, and with ZenBook Flip S we?ve taken it to a whole new level. It’s not only the thinnest laptop we?ve ever created ? its profile measures just 10.9mm ? but we?ve also reduced the weight to a mere 1.1kg to make it the perfect take-anywhere companion. To keep the display light and ultra-slim, yet tough, it?s covered with super-strong Corning? Gorilla? Glass, which is 10x more resistant to drop-damage than standard glass.

Crafted to Perfection
Designing ZenBook Flip S required serious engineering prowess and craftsmanship. The ultra-thin profile meant we had to invent the ErgoLift hinge ? the world?s most compact flippable hinge ? to preserve its sleek lines. To accommodate the full-size keyboard, we had to create an ultra-slim surround. To add a touch of luxury, we added brilliant diamond-cut highlights to the edges. ZenBook Flip S is renowned for its unique, stunning looks. You?ll instantly recognize the iconic, Zen-inspired spun-metal finish on the all-metal unibody enclosure ? a finish that takes 40 painstaking steps to create.

Pioneering Technology, World-Renowned Design
ZenBook Flip S continues the world-renowned design heritage of the ZenBook Series, with an elegant all-metal unibody. The unique and iconic Zen-inspired spun-metal finish is now even more beautiful, the result of an enhanced 40-step sanding and polishing process. Diamond-cut edges accentuate the slim design, and on the Royal Blue model stunning golden accents are added using a dual-phase anodizing process.

Subtle and Elegant Colours
A laptop as prestigious as ZenBook deserves colours that are out of the ordinary. The two stunning themes ? Royal Blue and Smokey Grey ? each have their own individual inspiration, and each colour is designed to work in perfect harmony with the luxurious diamond-cut edges, enhanced on the Royal Blue model with beautiful golden anodizing.

Unique 360? ErgoLift Hinge
Featuring a precision-engineered multi-gear metal mechanism, the new 360? ErgoLift hinge on ZenBook Flip S has a silky-smooth, stepless action, and it holds the display securely at any angle. This innovative hinge has a dual-action mechanism that lifts and tilts the keyboard into the perfect typing position when the display is opened beyond 135?. To ensure maximum reliability, the ErgoLift hinge is torture-tested by more than 20,000 open/close cycles ? so you never have to worry about durability!

Versatile and Durable Hinge
ZenBook Flip S uses incredibly tough and durable alloy steel in its any-position 360? ErgoLift hinge mechanism. For maximum reliability, the hinge has a unibody design with precision-engineered gears, and to make sure it never lets you down, we torture-tested the design with over 20,000 open/close cycles. The result is that you can switch ZenBook Flip S effortlessly into any mode you wish, at any time ? with no hassle!

Innovative ErgoLift Mechanism
The innovative ErgoLift hinge mechanism on ZenBook Flip S is cleverly designed to lift and tilts the keyboard by 1.5? ? the perfect typing position ? when the display is opened beyond 135?. The ErgoLift hinge takes the ZenBook Flip S experience to the next level.

World?s Most Compact Hinge
To create the thinnest-ever flippable laptop, we reduced the diameter of the alloy steel 360? hinge to an incredible 3.9mm. A special scratch-resistant coating on the hinge reduces wear, and the dual-action rotation mechanism reduces the stresses exerted during operation, improving reliability and durability.

4K UHD Resolution
The NanoEdge multitouch display on ZenBook Flip S offers all the quality you’d expect from such a beautiful laptop. The ultra-sharp screen offers an amazing up to 4K UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160, and it features 178? wide-view technology ? so imagery looks great from almost any angle. And with an incredible pixel density of 331ppi, images and text are always pin-sharp and ultra-detailed.

NanoEdge Display
When it comes to getting things done, everyone agrees that a bigger display is a better display ? because it makes multitasking easier and entertainment more immersive. That?s why we?ve broken all the rules to give ZenBook Flip S the biggest screen possible: the stunning 13.3-inch Full HD NanoEdge display has an ultra-narrow 6.11mm bezel. To maximize viewing comfort, the NanoEdge display also has a matte anti-glare coating that reduces annoying reflections. The result is a laptop with an impressive 80% screen-to-body ratio that maximizes the screen area while minimizing overall size ? so you can see and do more, while carrying less!

ASUS TruVivid
The groundbreaking ASUS TruVivid direct-bonding technology used in the ZenBook Flip S eliminates extra layers of glass to improve brightness and reduce reflections by 67%, for clearer outdoor viewing. 178? wide-view technology ensures image clarity at almost any viewing angle, so it?s ideal for shared viewing with friends or colleagues.

Take it to the Edge
To create a display that?s lightweight, ultra-slim and durable, we covered the ZenBook Flip S display with super-strong Corning? Gorilla? Glass, which is 10x tougher than standard soda-lime glass. This amazing new material is 10 times better than soda-lime glass. It?s less likely to break in daily use, so it?s stronger and safer than ever before.

Ultra-Realistic Visuals
ASUS Tru2Life video technology makes your videos look amazing. Using intelligent software that optimizes every pixel in every video frame, you?ll enjoy the best possible image quality. The smart algorithms in ASUS Tru2Life analyze the brightness histogram for each video pixel in each frame, then intelligently adjust the brightness and black level values, as well as optimizing over one million sharpness values per frame. This can improve the contrast by up to 150%, bringing out hidden detail in dark areas while keeping bright areas as brilliant as ever!

Incredible Performance
In designing ZenBook Flip S, ASUS engineers set an ambitious goal of creating an ultra-thin laptop with unprecedented performance. Despite some tough challenges along the way, they?ve succeeded. The result is an unbelievably powerful laptop that features the 8th Generation Intel? Core™ i7 processor, up to 16GB of 2133MHz LPDDR3 RAM, an ultra-fast up to 1TB PCIe? Gen 3 SSD, and a USB-C™ port for display output, data transmission and fast charging. So there?s no need to worry about what you can or can?t do with ZenBook Flip S ? it?s practically unstoppable.

Less Wait, More Work
A high-performance solid-state disk (SSD) with a PCIe? 3.0 x4 interface gives ZenBook Flip S the fastest storage available ? more than twice as fast as the SSD in a MacBook?. With an SSD-equipped ZenBook Flip S, you?ll never be kept waiting for the operating system to boot or for applications to load. Because they don?t have any moving parts, SSDs are also incredibly reliable and quiet.

Fastest Memory, Best for Multitasking
In their search for ultimate performance for the ZenBook Flip S, ASUS engineers chose the world?s fastest RAM: LPDDR3, clocked at an amazing 2133MHz. Despite its speed, LPDDR3 uses very little power, helping to keep ZenBook Flip S running for longer. And with up to 16GB RAM, your ZenBook Flip S will handle multiple demanding tasks without skipping a beat.

Mobility Without Bounds
We live in a wireless world, and ZenBook Flip S is fully equipped to give you the very best connections, everywhere. It features the latest power-efficient Bluetooth? 4.1, as well as dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi that?s more reliable and 6x faster* than the previous-generation 802.11n, with speeds up to 867Mbps.

The Coolest of Cool
The challenge in creating an ultra-fast, ultra-thin laptop boils down to basic physics. To prevent the laptop enclosure from getting too hot, warm air inside needs to be expelled as quickly as possible. To solve this problem, ASUS engineers had to invent a brand-new cooling system using state-of-the-art components such as a liquid-crystal-polymer fan impeller that?s just 0.3mm thin. This innovative cooling system also incorporates a vapour chamber that can spread heat in two dimensions and improve all-round heat dissipation by up to 50%.

Ergonomic Backlit Keyboard
The best ultraportable laptop deserves an exceptional keyboard. With ZenBook Flip S, the keyboard was engineered into the design from the start. Its full-size backlit keyboard has impressive 1.0mm key travel, making typing more comfortable and more accurate.

Smooth Touchpad and Smart Gestures
The highly-accurate touchpad on ZenBook Flip S features precision touchpad (PTP) technology and ASUS Smart Gesture support for a more intuitive and natural feel. ASUS Smart Gesture allows up to four-finger gestures in Windows 10. The touchpad is superbly engineered for maximum comfort and accuracy, with a glass covering for smooth control, and also incorporates palm-rejection technology and handwriting support. It?s the easiest, most natural way to control your laptop!

Full-Function USB-C™
Connecting your devices and peripherals couldn?t be easier or faster, thanks to the next-generation USB-C™ port on ZenBook Flip S. USB-C™ supports external displays, power delivery and data transfer ? all via one reversible, any-way-up connector. And the Mini Dock gives you an HDMI port, a USB 3.1 port, and a USB-C™ port that supports fast charging.

Work Longer, Charge Faster
A laptop as beautiful, powerful and prestigious as ZenBook Flip S deserves nothing less than all-day battery life. To achieve its remarkable up to 10.5-hour autonomy, we designed a special high-capacity 39Wh lithium-polymer battery for the ZenBook Flip S. The battery is specially shaped to fit precisely into the impossibly thin profile. We also added fast-charge technology that facilitates charges of up to 60% capacity in just 49 minutes.

Instant Resume with Modern Standby
With Modern Standby in Windows 10, ZenBook Flip S is always ready to go in an instant ? just like your smartphone! When resuming from sleep mode, Windows 10 wakes in under a second ? 3x faster than before. Modern Standby also lets you continue to get updates and notifications ? or play audio ? even when the laptop is in sleep mode.

Immersive Harman Kardon Audio
To equip ZenBook Flip S with unsurpassed audio quality, the ASUS Golden Ear team and audiophile specialists at Harman Kardon joined forces to produce the next generation of ASUS SonicMaster audio technology. The results are astonishing. ZenBook Flip S features two separate high-quality speakers powered by a smart two-channel amplifier, to bring you true surround-sound that envelops you with distortion-free, cinema-quality realism. ZenBook Flip S really does give you the most incredible sound you?ve ever heard on a laptop.

The Secret of Great Speaker Design
The stereo speakers in ZenBook Flip S employ 2x-larger magnets, 1.5x-larger voice coils than the previous generation, making them even more powerful for an immersive audio experience. The smart amplifier allows the speakers to be driven further ? in fact, 3x louder than they would be with a normal amplifier ? without any risk of audio distortion or speaker damage. The result is smooth and powerful bass, and clear mids and highs ? a full range of sound that has to be heard to be believed.

ASUS Pen & Windows Ink
Artists, photographers and designers will love the endless possibilities that ZenBook Flip S has to offer. With full support for the ASUS Pen and Windows Ink, it?s the perfect choice for creativity. ASUS Pen is an active stylus with a slim and elegant aluminium design and a premium feel. It?s the perfect accessory that allows you to accurately draw, write or annotate in any supported app. Windows Ink allows you to create sticky notes, capture ideas and details ? as they happen. You can even take a screenshot and share it in one click.

A Touch of Precision
Intuitive, natural and effortless: that?s how we want your interactions with ZenBook Flip S to be. Jot down your notes and ideas, annotate photos that you?ve taken with ZenBook Flip S?s camera, or simply indulge your artistic creativity.

One-Touch Access with Windows Hello
Accessing ZenBook Flip S couldn?t be easier or more secure, thanks to Windows Hello and an integrated fingerprint sensor. Now there?s no need to type in your password every time you log in ? a single touch is all it takes!

Fingerprint Sensor
ZenBook Flip S includes an amazingly accurate fingerprint sensor with super-quick recognition. It?s one of our smallest ever laptop sensors, measuring just 16mm long and 3.6mm wide. It can even recognize a partial fingerprint scan, making it the perfect companion for instant one-touch login via Windows Hello.

Optimized for Quiet and Balanced Performance
The new Quiet Fan app enables you to select the ideal silent level for the task at hand, allowing you to switch between balanced and high performance modes. Turning on Quiet Fan provides you with balanced performance and a standard fan speed for silent computing; while turning Quiet Fan off results in a higher fan speed to cope with high load demands.Features? 13.3″ 1920×1080 FHD panel.