Panasonic 80w Wireless Soundbar SC-HTB8EB


Bluetooth 80 watt Soundbar

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  • 80 watt power
  • Bluetooth  – Stream Music Wirelessly
  • Low Profile Delta Form Design
  • 2ch system
  • Wall mountable
  • Digital Audio Input
  • Suitable for 32~42 inch TV

The low-profile design lets you place your Home Theater System in front of the TV without blocking the view. The slanted shape made it possible to incorporate a large speaker while keeping the body slim.

Music data from a compatible device is sent to the main unit by Bluetooth® Wireless Technology.

Wall mounting enables a stylish layout even in rooms with limited space. Also, the sound direction can be changed to 0°or 90°, respectively, by standing the system on a counter or mounting it to the wall. Both installation types allow you to configure an optimal theater space.

Infrared signals are sent to the TV via the IR Blaster, so even if the sound system is placed in front of the TV blocking the IR window, you still get easy, stable remote control operation.