Pest Clear Slimline 2000


Pest Repeller

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PestClear 2000 covers an entire home, up to 2,000 sq.ft. which means it is powerful enough for most 2, 3 or 4 bedroom house, and it doesn’t matter where you plug it in.

The unique electromagnetic signal /  infrasound penetrates into all the hidden areas where mice like to nest, such as attic spaces, ceiling cavities, and behind electrical appliances, like cookers, fridges, and washing machines.

Every electrical wire is surrounded by a weak magnetic field. The PestClear 2000 gently vibrates this field causing distress to insects and rodents that come within 1 metre of the cable, therefore disrupting their normal nesting and breeding pattern driving them out .

PestClear 2000 also emits a powerful high frequency ultrasound noise, which humans and most pets can’t hear, but which is distressing to to pests. The new PestClear 2000 has separate ultrasound settings for rodents and insects. The ultrasound booster signal works best where the PestClear is plugged in.