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A single PestClear 3000 is all you need to repel mice, rats, spiders and many crawling insects from a large house, up to 3,000 sq.ft

The powerful electromagnetic signal drives the pests out from their nests, and they have no alternative but to make their home somewhere else. It penetrates right into walls, ceiling spaces, attics and other hidden areas of the home, and within a few days, your home will be free of these pests.

PestClear 3000 also has a double speaker system, to blast an open area with a powerful repelling noise, which is outside the hearing range of humans, cats, and dogs. Mice, rats and spiders will not be able to tolerate the sound.

PestClear 3000 uses electronics to create an environment inside you home that drives many pests from their most common nesting areas. These pests include mice, rats, crawling insects such as spiders and ants.

PestClear 3000 uses every electrical cable in your house to carry and transmit a signal that disrupts the pests normal behaviour within 1 metre of the cable

PestClear 3000 also emits a powerful high frequency ultrasound noise, which humans and most pets can’t hear, but which is distressing to to pests. The PestClear 3000 ultrasound settings works best where the PestClear is plugged in.

Allow 2-3 weeks for results to develop, and then sit back in a pest free zone, where you can relax in the knowledge that you are using an environmentally responsible, checmical free method of pest control