Ricatech 5 in 1 Gramaphone Music Centre


5 in 1 Gramaphone Music Centre with horn

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The Ricatech RMC350 5 in 1 music centre. With its nostalgic horn loudspeaker design it is the ultimate entertainment center which is made entirely of wood, a real treat for eyes and ears. While the outside is provided with a real nostalgia, the inside has all the modern technology and comes complete with a CD player, AM / FM radio, 3-speed turntable which is suitable for your 33-, 45- and 78-rpm records, USB port and SD card slot. The nostalgic earpiece music this is a must-have for your bar, restaurant, office or home. The music comes with a complete set of stereo speakers. These are located in the wooden casing of the music and deliver superior sound quality, which is further enhanced by the horn.

3-speed turntable 33 – 45-78 rpm.
CD player
Analog radio
USB port and SD card slot