Sony High Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth MHCGT4D


NFC, Mega Bass, S-Force Front Surround, and Fiestable compatibility

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Sony High Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth MHCGT4D


High power stereo system with NFC, Mega Bass, S-Force Front Surround, and Fiestable compatibility.

  • Overwhelming sound pressure and Mega Bass
  • New speaker lighting and Fiestable app
  • Easy TV connection with HDMI



Cinematic S-Force Front Surround brings movies to life

Enjoy an immersive soundstage that pulls you into the heart of the action. S-Force Front Surround mimics the way the brain correlates sound sources to create proper volume, time lag, and sound wave spectrum – using only left and right speaker channels. By naturally emulating three-dimensional sound fields, you’ll enjoy rich, high-fidelity audio across a wider listening area.

DSEE automatically restores detail to digital music

Boost the quality of your compressed music files. When an original music source is compressed, it loses the high frequency elements that add detail and richness to your favourite tracks. The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) faithfully restores these to produce high quality sound that’s closer to the original CD recording.


3-way design for flexible setup

The MHC-GT4D’s versatile setup options make it suitable for use as both a party machine and a Home Cinema system. With the line array setting you can mount both speakers atop the woofer to save on floor space; perfect for parties. For the optimal Home Cinema setup you can choose between connecting your speakers for a sound bar style, or standing them on a surface for immersive surround effects.

Mega Bass adds power to every bassline

Push the Mega Bass button to add some serious low-end power to your music. It works by reinforcing basslines to create a more powerful sound. Simply press the button to activate the mode, and be blown away by resounding bass.

Speaker lights create a party atmosphere

Pump up the atmosphere with club-like speaker illuminations. Lights are directed through a lens to spread a wide light pattern in either dots or lines. You can control the lights with the Fiestable app or on the system, and watch them sync to the beat of the music for a club-style dance floor at home.

Switch up the party settings with gesture control

Put your own spin on the party in one simple move. Fun and intuitive gesture control lets you take charge of all your party features, including light illuminations, DJ effects and mic sound effects. You can also flick left and right to skip tracks, and up and down to manage the volume. Customising your party has never been so fun.

Customise your settings with the Fiestable app

Easily control your party settings from the dancefloor with the Fiestable app. Wirelessly switch up the colour of your speaker lights, activate DJ and karaoke effects all with a few flicks of the wrist thanks to the intuitive motion control feature. You can also select your favourite smartphone playlists and cue the next song without being tied to the DJ booth.


DJ effects let you put your own spin on tracks

Get the crowd going with DJ effects. Four different effects set the stage for your party: Flanger creates a deep roaring effect; WAH distorts the audio; Isolator singles out a specific frequency band; and PAN sweeps the sound across speakers. You can access DJ effects easily via the Fiestable app and gesture control, so getting creative with your party playlists has never been easier.

Football Mode puts you pitch-side

The beautiful game has never sounded so good. Using acoustic data captured in a Brazilian football stadium, this dedicated mode enhances the natural, ambient noise at sporting events so you’ll feel like you’re part of the crowd.

Party Chain lets you expand your speaker system

Add extra power to your sound system. Connect multiple stereos in a chain to produce a higher sound output. Activate one device to be the ‘Party Host’ and sync music and light effects with the other systems in the chain.

Karaoke features let you sing along

Karaoke competitions with your friends are easy: just hook the MHC-GT4D up to a TV and pop in a karaoke DVD, or sing along to songs from YouTube™ via Bluetooth. Two mic inputs, plus scoring and sound effects let you team up with friends for the ultimate sing-off. A built-in Karaoke PON even turns down the voice on CDs, so you can sing all your favourite songs.

Unite your music with SongPal

Download SongPal for your smartphone or tablet and take control of your music collection. Simply connect over Bluetooth and you’ll have seamless access to all your favourite tracks, whether they’re stored on your PC, server, or favourite online music service. The app can also be used to customise sound settings to ensure great, balanced audio.


HDMI input for simple setup

Easily connect to your TV, for deep, powerful sound across all of your movies and music. Thanks to a HDMI port all you have to do is hook up via a single cable.

Enjoy higher quality Bluetooth® streaming with LDAC™

LDAC is a new audio technology from Sony that allows you to enjoy the highest quality wireless audio via Bluetooth. With 3x the data transmitted, LDAC provides an enhanced wireless listening experience for all your music.

Seamless streaming with NFC and Bluetooth

Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth technology remove the need for wired connections and complex set-up sequences. Simply touch your NFC-enabled device to the headphones for a quick, seamless connection, then start streaming your music collection. No NFC? No problem. Connect via Bluetooth and you’re ready to go.

Audio input and output

Connect audio visual equipment with an audio in and an audio output. Hook up a TV, games console, or even an extra speaker, to give all of your home entertainment an audio boost.


FM radio tuner for your favourite shows

Want to hear your favourite DJs? Simply tune in using the FM radio dial and see what’s out there.


  • Speaker Size

    Tweeter Unit Size (4cm x 1 cone type)

    Mid Unit Size (8cm x 2 cone type)

  • Size & Weight
    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    42 x 80.7 x 59 cm



  • Wireless Connections


  • Functions




  • Interface
    Input and Output Terminals

    Analog Audio Input (1)

    Analog Audio Output (1)

    Digital Audio Input (1)

    Composite Video Output (1)

    USB Port (1)

    Speaker Output Front (1)

    Microphone Input (2)6φ

  • General Features
    Remote Control


  • Eco and energy saving
    Power Consumption (Standby Mode)