Looking for Bosch appliances? Look no further, we have a massive range right here. Bosch is relied on by many for its high-quality products with a wide range of brilliant features and functions. Many products also come with an impressive 10 year warranty, giving you peace of mind. Check out our Bosch washing machines with functions like AllergyPlus for those with sensitive skin or allergies, or ActiveWater™ for saving water and costs. Or have a look at our Bosch dishwashers of various sizes and you can choose from integrated or freestanding models. Or check out our Bosch dryers with highly useful features like SensitiveDrying for even, soft drying. We also have fridge freezers with sensor technology FreshSense that continuously controls the temperature to keep food fresh. Or take a look at our microwaves, including built-in models that seamlessly blend into your kitchen. Some products are available for pre-order only. We offer nationwide installation for many large appliances. Just look out for the installation option on the product pages.