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Vented Dryer

Get great value for money with top brand vented tumble dryers from Joyces. Vented dryers use a flexible hose to expel hot air and moisture. This means you'll need to install your dryer somewhere you can feed the hose outside. Vent hoses are included with our machines so there's no need to make an additional purchase. Families usually need a minimum of 7kg. As a guide, a 7kg tumble dryer can fit around 35 t-shirts. If you'll be putting on big loads often, why not have a look at our 8kg Indesit I1 D80W UK dryer? It's praised for its variety of heat settings which give you flexibility. It also allows you to pause the cycle so you can add more laundry. Or maybe you'd like shorter drying times which you can now pair up with long-term low energy consumption. Filter by colour, load capacity, energy rating, brand, or price to find the best dryer to suit your needs. We offer nationwide delivery and installation and we'll take away your old appliance so you don't have to worry about it!