Dimplex appliances are reliable, affordable, and often appear on lists of the best heating appliances to buy. If you’re looking for an electric fire, we have freestanding stoves, inset fires, and wall-mounted fires in stock. Choose from classic or modern designs to suit your home aesthetic. Electric fires provide the warmth and cosiness of a real fire, without the smoky smell. Look out for Opti-Myst and Optiflame models that feature realistic-looking flames or logs. Some also let you change the colour of the flames, so you can create the ambience you want. We also have radiators in a range of sizes and styles, including portable ones so you can easily heat up any room in the house. Our fan heaters are also very useful if you just want to heat up one room. Or go for a cooling fan to keep the temperature down on those warm days. Our dehumidifiers help keep the air in your home clean and healthy.