Soda Makers

If you love fizzy drinks but want a more healthy option, then sparkling water makers are perfect for you. They're also a great way to get your little ones to drink more water. Or if you're a cocktail lover, then it's a great way to always have soda water ready for those recipes. We have a great selection of fizzy drink makers and we also have gas cylinders so you can easily replace your old one. Our range includes models in a variety of colours like white, brass, copper, and more. Have a look at models with a drip tray that helps keep your worktop clean. Why not go for the Aarke Sparkling Water Carbonator 3? It's made without any single-use plastics and it's built to last, so it's a more sustainable option. It can make sparkling water in 10 seconds or less. What's more, it's been praised for its elegant design and was named the 'Best Splurge' in 2022 by