Pressure Washers

Looking to get your home in tip-top shape? Pressure washers powerfully blast away tough grime and dirt - no more scrubbing with a sponge for hours! We have a great range of electric models from Karcher. Our compact Karcher K3, K4, and K7 models make it much easier to clean small cars, small garden paths, garden furniture, fences, motorcycles, and more. Their compact size helps you save on space so you can easily store them. The Karcher 5 Power Control model is designed to tackle bigger jobs, like cleaning medium-sized vehicles, outdoor staircases, larger garden paths, stone walls, and more. All models have a carry handle, making them super easy to manoeuvre and store. They also all come with a variety of attachments, so you achieve excellent results for every task. You can easily apply detergent via the suction hose, which helps keep things cleaner for longer.