Coffee Accessory

Looking for coffee accessories so you can make delicious barista-style coffee at home? Take a look at our great selection right here. We have milk frothers that provide a smooth micro-foam, or go for a milk frothing jug if your coffee machine froths milk. We also have coffee grinders to perfectly ground your coffee so it's ready for brewing. The Sage BCG820BSSUK model received a shining 5 star review from We also have coffee beans and espresso beans with a beautiful flavour. Or go for a coffee knock box, which stores spent espresso grounds. We also have coffee makers for filter coffee or espresso. Why not check out our elegant coffee maker set that comes with 2 matching mugs? We also have a variety of coffee glasses designed for different coffee drinks. If you have a DeLonghi coffee machine, have a look at our DeLonghi descaler which helps keep your machine running smoothly. Filter by brand or price to find what you're looking for.