Our clothes steamers and clothing irons are designed to make ironing as convenient as possible for you. Shop top brands including Philips, Morphy Richards, Russell Hobbs, and more. Not sure which iron to go for? Steam irons have a built-in water tank, whereas steam generators have a separate water tank. This means steam generators can hold much more water in the tank so there's less topping up to do. Steam generators also have a higher steam output, which makes them quicker at ironing out creases. If you only do a small amount of ironing every week though, a steam iron will do the job. For added safety, why not go for a model that automatically shuts off if left unattended for too long? Or choose a handheld garment steamer. You don't need an ironing board with these models, so they're great when you're in a hurry! Check out models with a creaser attachment that's great for shirt sleeves as it lets you press and add creases. Some products are for delivery only. Browse our listings for key features like 'colour'