A tablet is an excellent device for workers, college students, and film buffs. They're light and compact, which makes them perfect for travelling. Whether you want to work on the go or easily take photos and videos while you travel, you can do it all. We have top tablets in stock from brands such as Samsung, Microsoft and Lenovo. Looking for a Samsung tablet? The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 was listed as the best Android tablet in 2021 by It lets you enjoy films and tv shows at their best with an amazing display and rich audio with surround sound. Or go for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. Its battery life for internet usage time is up to 15 hours, so you can work away without worry. Or go for a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tablet, which doubles as a laptop. With its Core i5 processor, you can do many intense work tasks, as well as gaming. If a Lenovo tablet is what you're after, take a look at the affordable Lenovo 10.1'