Bluray and DVD

Since Blu Ray and DVD players don't need an internet connection, you don't have to worry about buffering or a fuzzy display. Just pop in your favourite blu-ray disc or DVD and enjoy. There are also many TV shows and movies that aren't on streaming services, so make use of those boxsets you have! Wondering which to buy? Blu-ray players can provide a higher quality display and audio than DVD players. Also, blu-ray players can play blu-ray discs and DVDs, whereas DVD players can only play DVDs. However, DVD players are cheaper. Our range includes top brands like Sony and Panasonic. Check out our small models that take up minimal space. We also have models that let you access your favourite apps. Many also have a USB port so you can plug in your device and share photos, videos, and songs. Or go for a model that's compatible with external hard drives you can play many different file types from WMA to MP4. We also have models with high-quality Dolby sound. Looking for a DVD recorder? Check out models that have multi-format playback so you can record TV shows and movies, and store home videos.