Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are a fantastic way to deep clean your floors or carpets without using harsh chemicals. Your floors will also dry much quicker after using a steam cleaner, rather than a traditional mop. Why not go for a steam cleaner that doubles as a handheld steam cleaner? The handheld version allows you to easily deep clean higher surfaces, such as your oven, windows, taps, BBQs, grout, and more. Why not go for a floor steamer with various attachments so you can perfectly clean every surface? The cleaning pads are reusable too, just pop them in the washing machine. Check out the Shark S6005UK model, which was listed as the best steam cleaner for versatility in 2021 by Many of our steam cleaners have a fast heat-up time, so you can start cleaning in seconds. Why not browse our 'Best Of' category to get the best steam cleaner deal for you?