Health Grill

Health grills are a brilliant way of eating delicious food and cutting calories at the same time. They cause the excess fat in foods to drip off, leaving you with a much healthier meal than frying. Grilling also helps foods keep their moisture and nutrients. So, you can get more nutritious and juicier foods. You can also enjoy that delicious grilled food flavour and you can grill outdoors too. Our range includes models with timers so you can perfectly cook foods every time. Check out our George Foreman grills with removable plates that make clean up super easy. We also have the George Foreman BBQ grill for indoor and outdoor use. Or go for the 25810 Fit Grill, which was listed as one of the best health grills in 2022 by We also have Ninja models, including the Ninja Foodi Max health grill and air fryer. It lets you bake, dehydrate, grill and air fry foods. Or check out our sandwich toasters and panini makers that let you make tasty toasties to rival any café. Browse our 'Best Of' category to find the best deal for you.