Microwaves are great for cooking quick meals and reheating foods, which comes in very handy when you’re busy. We have an extensive range of top brands including Russell Hobbs, Bosch, Sharp, and more. If your new microwave’s home is going to be your kitchen worktop, you’ll love our wide selection of freestanding microwaves. The Sharp R274SLM model was listed as one of the best microwaves in 2022 by goodhousekeeping.com. It doesn’t take up much worktop space and it has 10 set programmes to take advantage of. Or maybe you want to free up more worktop space and prefer an integrated model. Either way, we’ll make sure your next microwave complements the surrounding décor in your kitchen. Why not check out our black microwaves that never fail to look stylish? Or have a look at our retro-style microwaves that come in red, silver and white! We all know that multi-functional appliances are a godsend, so why not have a look at our combination models? Get combi 3-in-one convection ovens with air fryers or grills for more versatility. We deliver nationwide and install built-in microwaves.