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Dyson cordless vacuums often top lists for the best cordless vacuums you can buy. Since they’re cordless, you have so much more freedom to move around. This means you can get the vacuuming done quicker and clean those hard-to-reach places much easier. Dyson also ensures their vacuums provide high suction power so your floors are left spotless. The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute took the crown for the best cordless vacuum in 2022 by If you want to get animal hairs out with ease, why not go for the Dyson V10 or V11 animal? These models have Direct Drive technology which gets out hairs and dirt that’s embedded deep down. Look out for vacuums with a big bin so you can get more cleaning done before you have to empty it. Many models easily convert to a handheld vacuum, which is ideal for cleaning your car. Or go for the Dyson V7 handheld cordless model. It comes with a Motorhead tool, Combination tool, and Crevice tool so you can clean every surface thoroughly. Browse our listings for key features like “weight” or “suction power”.

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