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You can enjoy professional barista coffees every time with a bean to cup coffee machine. Our range includes high-tech bean to cup coffee machines that create a delicious blend of flavours. With the Delonghi Magnifica bean to cup, you can change the bean grinding level to suit your taste. It also has a clever descaling, cleaning and rinsing program. So, you can keep this Delonghi coffee machine cleaner for longer. The Delonghi Dinamica has a dreamy LatteCrema system that creates a creamy cappuccino. Its Tubeless system helps ensure only newly ground coffee is used for each espresso. Or choose Sage The Duo-Temp. Its low pressure pre-infusion helps create the perfect balance of sweetness, bitterness and acidity. This Sage bean to cup coffee machine also has a handy auto purge heating system. Check out our accessories page where you can pick up frothers, grinders, and products to keep your machine clean.

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