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Mini ovens are ideal for holiday homes, caravans, or boats. Their compact size and multiple cooking options makes them perfect for smaller spaces. Our range includes top brands like Russell Hobbs, Tower, and Ninja. We have models that toast, bake, roast, boil, fry, and grill. Check out the Russell Hobbs 22780 mini kitchen that has a hob with 2 cooking zones. It also has an impressive 30L capacity that lets you cook larger meals. Why not go for a model with a timer that makes it much easier for you to cook everything to perfection? If you’re health conscious, have a look at models that air fry. This option lets you cook many foods from chips to doughnuts using little to no oil. Why not go for a model with a very quick preheat time so you can cook meals fast? The Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 SP101UK model featured on a list of the best mini ovens in 2021 by It’s praised for its preset cooking options that decide which temperature is best. It’s also super easy-to-use. Why not browse out our ‘Best Of’ category to find the best deal for you?

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