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Our king size electric blankets will help you achieve a blissful, uninterrupted night’s sleep. They help you maintain a consistent body temperature overnight, which means there’s less chance of waking up too hot or too cold. Since heat is a natural pain relief, they also help ease aching muscles and cramps. Choose a Morphy Richards or Dreamland electric blanket. Why not go for a dual control blanket that lets you heat up one side of the bed? They’re great for couples. Our electric underblankets cover your mattress and since heat travels upwards, they trap the heat between the blankets. This makes them more efficient at keeping you warm than over blankets, where no other blanket can go on top, so the heat is lost quicker. Why not go for an easy-to-clean washable blanket? The Morphy Richards 60014 underblanket was chosen as one of the best electric blankets in 2020 by It has four heat settings and provides extra warmth at the foot of the bed, so you can keep your feet toasty. Browse our ‘Best Of’ category to find the best electric blanket deal for you.

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