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Philips TVs are mostly known for their amazing Ambilight system that projects shades and colours onto the wall around the TV. This increases your perception of contrast and creates a more immersive experience. No other TVs on the market have anything like it. What’s more, Philips TVs are far cheaper than many other brands. We have a variety of TV sizes including 50”, 55”, 58”, 65”, and more. Why not go for an OLED TV that provides great image quality with high contrast? Or go for an android model that lets you use your favourite streaming services and apps. Our range also includes smart TVs that are compatible with Alexa, so you can control the TV with your voice. Many of our TVs have a crisp 4K display, so you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies in excellent quality. Check out models with Dolby Atmos audio that makes everything sound more realistic. Look out for our marked down discounts while stocks last.

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