Torches & Headlamps

Torches and head torches come in very handy for work, camping, and hiking. Whether you need to see in hard to reach places or you tend to work late into the night, check out our range at Joyces. We have Ledlenser models that are rechargeable, so you can save money instead of buying tons of replacement batteries. Look out for models with a variety of brightness levels so you can get the perfect light for every situation. We also have models that let you angle the beam, providing flexibility. You can avoid that unwanted strobe effect with models that have a flicker-free light. Why not go for a head torch with a detachable strap that can be washed easily? Many products come with a 7 year warranty when you register, so you can get peace of mind. All products are for delivery only. Browse our 'Best Of' category to find the best deal for you.